The decentralized web is now on all major platforms in Opera desktop and mobile browsers.

Opera Touch now supports navigating to addresses for `ipfs://` and `ipns://` protocol schemes, which are handled by a remote HTTP gateway.

Native representation of IPFS addresses in browsers is important even when the content is loaded from an HTTP gateway as IPFS URIs are resolved out of the box, without the need for any additional extensions or opt-in settings, which familiarizes users and developers with decentralized concepts of content-addressing and creates a path to readiness for when native nodes are available.

Opera desktop browser support for IPFS addressing will ship soon, and we’re discussing what additional features to add next to build on top of this foundation of universal addressing support across the Opera browser line. You can download the preview build of Opera Desktop today!

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Seamless Partnership

We’ve partnered with IPFS and Unstoppable Domains to enable the distributed web across desktop and mobile browsers.

In 2020 Opera announced browser support for IPFS protocol. It was important step in IPFS browser support generally, by streaming access and easy adoption.

We didn’t stop there, and we’ve got not just one… BUT TWO releases to share with you today:

First, Opera has now added support for IPFS addressing to Opera Touch, the iOS browser.

Second, support for IPFS addressing in Opera desktop browser for Windows, macOS and Linux will be coming in their next release, currently planned for March 2021.

With these releases, Opera will now support `ipfs://` and `ipns://` addressing across their browser product line on all major operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.


Our partnership

  1. Early 2020

    The Partnership Begins

    Opera begins to develop IPFS support in the Opera for Android.

  2. March 2020

    Opera Releases Support for Android

    Opera for Android 57 is live in the Google Play Store with default support for IPFS with a native handler for ipfs:// addresses that redirects to the HTTP gateway of your choosing!.IPFS support is enabled by default, so as a user you don’t need to do anything to turn it on.

  3. Feb 2021

    Opera Releases Support for iOS

    Opera Touch for iOS 2.5.5 is live in the App Store. IPFS is enabled by default as well as Unstoppable Domains.

  4. EthDenver '21

    EthDenver '21

    Opera releases preview build of browsers for Windows, macOS and Linux. IPFS is enabled by default. Available to EthDenver participates.

  5. Spring '21

    Opera Enables IPFS in the desktop browser

    During the spring of 2021 Opera will release desktop browsers with IPFS support enabled by default.


Get the most out of web 3.0 with Opera


Use IPFS addresses

IPFS support is enabled by default, so as a user you don’t need to do anything to turn it on.

You can load an IPFS content address such as:


If you click the link above in Opera you’ll see Wikipedia, served from IPFS!


Unstoppable Domains and ENS

You can use unstoppable domains (.crypto) and ENS domains* (.eth) right from the browser’s address bar!

* ENS domains are not supported on iOS in Opera Touch 2.5.5 but are coming in the next release.

Opera IPFS support is available on all operating systems, including yours.

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